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Ellen's book is available to purchase here on the site, from the publisher as well as from your favorite book seller. 

Please leave a notation or email us if you want an autographed copy and/or if it is a gift for someone else.

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Ellen's book "Thieves in the Kingdom" speaks to the heart of life and to what is to come for all of us. It is a book that comes at a time when the world needs to stop and think about what they are doing, about what they need to do and especially of what God is going to do. 
Watch some of her video clips and read some of the writings she has posted to help in your walk with God. Then purchase what you need here on line and stay in touch for updated materials and events.
We at BMI love to pray, so please send in your prayer requests and let's watch as the Lord moves on your behalf.
Throughout the site you will find teachings, articles, and lessons with important truths to help you in your life and walk with God. 
We are living in the times that the Lord spoke so much about and we are the generation that will see it all come to pass. 

We are those whom He speaks to, about, and what is coming is truly at our door.

Be assured of this, that what the Lord has told us is going to happen, will in fact happen just as He said it would.

And be guaranteed of this as well, that what He promised He will do, will be done just as He promised.

We must pay close attention to what time it is in life, to what is happening and why, and to what is coming, as it will come hard and fast now and we must all be ready! 

                                                                                         Ellen L. Burgoyne
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Ellen L. Burgoyne
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Burgoyne Ministries was born in the spring and summer of 1980 when the Lord called Craig and Ellen out of the darkness and into His marvelous light. It steadily advanced as they followed the Lord in their new life and as they went back into the darkness to rescue others.

Ellen Burgoyne has been a minister for the past 37 years and is co founder and head of Burgoyne Ministries International. She is an Evangelist, Teacher, Public Speaker and a Writer. 

She spent 28 of those 35 years traveling with her late and very great husband Evangelist Craig Burgoyne. It was a truly wonderful life and also quite an adventure. Craig was a tremendously gifted and talented man, who was also a wonderful preacher and he used all that he had to touch the lives of as many people as he could. They went preaching and teaching Gods Word, encouraging the saints and winning people to Jesus. 

Ellen continues to bring God's Love, His Will and Ways for people's lives and a challenge to become all you were created to be. She is raising the bar for the body of Christ to press into the life that God has called them to, and, she does that by calling them back to the church that Jesus built. He has designed, built and called His church, to rule and reign with Him right now here on the earth. He has also destined us to reign with Him here on the earth throughout the millenium and then afterward throughout all eternity. It is so very, very important that God's people come to understand that and do what it takes to accomplish it.  

"If we as God's people are not very careful" she says, "We make the mistake of living our lives just well enough to get by and then go home to heaven, but we must not settle for that as there is so much more the Lord has planned for our lives and He above all else desires us to live them to the full." 

Ellen completed a seven week series of meetings in Buffalo, Mn called "Destined to Reign." About that she says, "We really are destined to reign with Christ, and the Lord's people need to know that and understand what it means. You need to know who you are in Him, what you have been called to, what you have been given to work with and to have an understanding of what is coming. The Lord wants only the best for you, and with His help you can press in and actually fulfill the destiny that He has for you." 
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