Let us introduce you to Burgoyne Ministries International, the ministry of Craig and Ellen Burgoyne. 

Ellen was born and raised in Mpls, Mn where she lived a somewhat quiet and reserved life, that is until 1970 when she met her husband Craig T. Burgoyne who was also born and raised in Mpls. 

Although Craig was a truly wonderful and very talented man, he did have a past, and for the next 10 years they lived that life together. It was a life of crime, large amounts of money, drugs, and much more.  It was a life lived on the edge and with people you should never be on the edge of anything with. 

Yet somehow, in the midst of it all, they managed to have a family life and raise their sons. Ellen had many talents as well and they worked together to use what they had to make it the best life they could. 

Then, in 1980 their lives took a drastic turn as both of them met the Lord, were saved and their lives were changed forever. God called them both to be Evangelists very soon afterward, and they went forward preaching and teaching, winning the lost and calling God’s people to a closer walk with Him. They spent the next 28 years traveling, preaching in churches, Christian meetings, prisons, jails, missions and on the streets to drug dealers and gang members.

Ellen also spent much of that time writing sermons, bible lessons, articles, as well as making and editing their radio program. 
But on the morning of July 11th 2008, the “Great Preacher” Craig Burgoyne went home to be with the Lord and their exciting adventure through life together came to an end. 

He was and is greatly missed, but having had 38 wonderful years with her best friend, husband, fellow minister and eternal partner; she took a deep breath and continued on with the ministry. It has been a busy and very profitable time as the Lord has been very faithful to her. She continues to preach and teach, continues to be a leader to the body of Christ helping with the many issues and needs they have and she also travels the world preaching, teaching and winning souls there.

She speaks and writes on a variety of subjects, but she will not forget to tell the story of their incredible life together during those very busy 38 years. The Lord had saved them out of so much and they love Him so much for it. They have always used their past life to win the lost, as well as to encourage the body of Christ and she will continue to do that as well.

Ellen brings the love of God, a faith that can make it through anything and a challenge to everyone not to take their lives or their future lightly. God designed a plan and a path for each person’s life long before they were ever born, and it is His will that they should know that plan and fulfill it.

Ellen is available for church services, conferences and special meetings of all kinds. Contact us for scheduling information.

Below is a tribute page to Craig and to our son Noah, the two men that no one who knew them will ever forget!

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