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When people don't know, forget, purposely ignore or willfully resist what is true, right and necessary, you get rebellion and if unchecked anarchy. 

This is true in life, in a nation and even in the church. We all must respect what is right and true, like it or not, and, we must stand up for, embrace and fight for it to the very end. 

This is America, a land of freedom yes, but also a nation of laws that must be upheld, yielded to and obeyed. It is not a free for all, and people who want freedom, must understand that it comes at a cost and also has responsibility attached to it. With the breaking of laws comes consequences, and, those consequences must be faced and answered to or people assume they can do anything they want. 

The same is true in the church, and we as Christians must come to understand that although we are saved by grace, and not under the law, that law is written on our hearts, and we are responsible to yield to and obey it. We cannot ignore, disrespect or fight against our responsibility to it. That is rebellion, and it causes trouble, great damage and hurts many. 

Stand up for the Lord and honor Him for who He is, for what He has done, and for what He has given us. 

In a world that is totally out of control, with men and women who desire to control others, steal their money and stubbornly commit their sinful acts, we must walk righteous before the Lord and the world. We must be His life, heart, hands, and feet extended and proclaim deliverance to the captive. 

The enemy is fighting hard and fast to take away our freedom, and, we are hard pressed to stop them the way we are going.  And, the church cannot stand by any longer, be passive any longer, or we will not have a free nation to serve from. 

We must pay the price as those who came before us did. We of course can serve under severe persecution as others have done, and frankly great things can come out of that kind of press, but it is not necessary as shown to us by the Lord telling us to pray that we can live in peace. 

Stand up for this nation, honor it and fight for it, as this nation was given to us by the Lord, and He gave it for a very, very important reason. We are responsible to do what He has called us to, and we must respect Him and be faithful in it all. 

Stand up for, fight for and honor the church as well. The church that Christ gave Himself for, the church He died for, and is also the head of. We need to take seriously what this is to Him so that we do not dishonor Him and so we fulfill the work He gave us. 

It all has come at a great price, a great cost to so many others before us and we must not dishonor them either. 

You cannot be afraid of your enemy or he will overtake you and destroy you. You must stand up to him, to them, and to their will, 
and if you do, guess what, you win!

Written by Ellen Burgoyne on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 10:54 pm

© used by permission only!
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It seems while I was sleeping, the Progressives came up with a new American Currency called the Amero geared at an open boarder currency for Canada, United States, and Mexico. And all the sudden the current elected Progressives are trying to spend our current currency into oblivion. by Tjenner2 on SodaHead
America is in the condition and situation it is in, because of the corruption of men and women who do not have America or it's good in their hearts, but in fact seek to steal it, control it, and to take all that it has and make it their own. They have been working very hard to take it's freedom and put it and everyone in it into real bondage. They work to take it's strength and make it weak, steal its wealth and make it poor, and by that, make it and its people subservient to them and their will. 

It has been a constant effort by our most potent enemy, Satan, and has been worked out by all those who listen to him, take upon themselves the greedy and dominating heart that he has, and practice the sins he so willingly and  continuously works through the human society. 

But, we are also here in this war of a real takeover of our nation, the fight for our very life and freedom as a free nation, because We The People were not paying attention and doing our due diligence. The American people have not been watching, listening, or being careful, about who they elect to office to run the nation. 

Who you put over you in authority is a very big deal, and yet, we, the American people, who have had everything we need to be the best informed, and are in the best possible position to make sure that we have good leaders, have continually abdicated that responsibility and elected the wrong ones. The people have left it to others who they know little if anything about and have given it to those who were totally unworthy, incompetent and untrustworthy. They have let anyone who seemed good enough make the laws, handle the money, and make the decisions that affect their daily lives, livelihood and even their very life itself. 

Dishonest men and women have worked to take the country and destroy it from within because they have not been able to destroy it from without. They have hidden in the darkness working their illegal, deceitful, and ungodly back room deals and done great damage. But God is greater, He is stronger, and He has awakened the people and exposed their enemies. He is continually exposing and reveling the tricks and traps of the enemy, He has shed His light on everything so that the American people, and even the world, can see what evil is being done and by who. 

Many of God's people have done what they needed to do. They have done what he told them to do, what He said was necessary for HIM to move and bring the help we needed. God's people turned in prayer, with humility, and a heart after His righteousness and help. The Lord promised us that if we would seek him, He would turn to us and help us and because we did, He has. 

But we cannot give up now, even though we can see that God is helping us, and that there are many changes being made, because there is still so much to be done. 

Yet, the sad truth is it may be that the Amerio will one day be put in place, or something like it, as a united Americas will be formed and the borders will be opened to the full. But if we will be faithful to the Lord, and do what is right and necessary on our part now, it will not happen until We, The People of God have been taken out of the world. We cannot stop all of the destruction that is to come as much as we would like to, and as much as the people of the world need it, but we can work with the Lord to see Him do as much as He can before the prophecies of the end come to pass. 

God's Word tells us that one day the whole world will be run as one, that only one people that will be deemed acceptable, one government that all will be ruled under, one monetary system that all will have to function under and with, one religion that all must be faithful to, and all under one ruler the Antichrist. 

That we cannot stop, but what we can stop is the systematic taking over of America. WE can and must stand up to the undermining of our lives, constitution, laws and freedoms that God has given us for our good and protection. That we can and must fight for, and that He will help us with as we look to Him and trust in Him.

We must remain ever faithful to Him. "If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Too much, even we as God's people have gotten caught up in the world, in its ways, lived by its means and partook of its sinful pleasures, and have not been faithful to Him or to what is important in life. We then hold the responsibility but we also hold the answer and remedy. 

Written by Ellen Burgoyne February 4th 2011

© used by permission only!

No, a trillion times NO! We are a soverign nation with our own currency. We need to not only keep what we have, but embrace it and stop looking to be like other nations that haven't anything to even offer us let alone trade ours for. Oct 28, 2010 by Ellen Burgoyne

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