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We are privileged and consider it a great honor to work with a number of seasoned and hard-working ministries all around the world and it is my pleasure to introduce you to them. 
Yesuratnam and Ruth Masa are the heads of Global Faith Ministries, based in Hyderabad, India.  GFM is an apostolic, soul winning ministry that is winning the world to Christ, raising churches and training leaders. Leading and working with 120 churches and over 40 pastors, Yesuratnam has taken the model of ministry that Jesus left us and has been faithful to the vision in India, Nepal, England and now Ukraine. 

They are the proud parents of committed sons and daughters who work with them in the ministry and who travel preaching the Word of God, leading many souls to salvation and are raising the church to walk a holy life before the Lord and the world.

They hold crusades and conferences, specific leadership meetings called fire conferences for Pastors and leaders so that leaders get what they need to continue their work. They also hold meetings for youth and children to bring them into the kingdom and raise them to be all that they can be. 

They have been at it for many decades now and are able to not only do the work of the kingdom, but to train others  in the ministry of the Lord.

Apostle Yesuratnam Masa and Ruth Masa
Masa Family
Ellen L. Burgoyne
Pastor Isaac Wilson and team
Pastor Isaac Wilson, his family and many other Christian ministers are in  Bangalore, India and minister thoughout the city, as well as it's surrounding areas and in India as a whole. 

They pray, preach the gospel, win people to Jesus, and care for their needs and they are a great benefit to their community. We have known, worked with, and watched their unending dedication and love for Jesus, for His church and for the people of the world.

We are pleased to have been partnered with them for these many years and we do all we can together in the advancement of the gospel.   

Pastor Joel Martinez and family
Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines
Pastor Joel and Liza Martinez, and their children, live in and minister to Davao City, Mindanao in the Philippines and their surrounding areas. The areas of their ministry are:

The Church - New Covenant Community Fellowship 

Bible School - Davao Victory Bible Institute (DVBI) The regular teachers are: Pastor Joel Martinez and Pastor Renato Labus. 

Day Care Center - Preschool daycare for 3-6 year olds. The teachers are: Liza Martinez, Rohamh Martinez, and Elanie dela Cruz. 

Tribal Outreach - This is a salvation outreach to the tribal people of the Philippines. This involves preaching of the gospel, distribution of bibles, church building. 

Children's Feeding Program - Weekly feeding program for the indigenous children. 

Camp Panaghiusa - Yearly Summer Camp for Children.  

We appreciate their faithfulness to the Lord, to the children and teens, and to the people of Mindanao where they live. 

Jonathan and Merle Lumba are in Cagayan De Oro City, Mindanao in the Philippines. They are pastors and head of Open Arms Christian Fellowship where they minister to the children and people of their area and have been a blessing to us for many, many years. 

The Philippines is a very warm and beautiful country, but the needs of the people are still the same as they are everywhere else. 

People need the Lord, they  salvation and the life that only Jesus can give them, many live in poverty, there are those who are sick and needy, those who need help and guidance and they give out of their lives to meet those needs. 

Like in India and all of the other other countries, they must go out to their world, into the villages, onto the highways and byways and to other believers and bring them what they need.

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Cagayan De Oro City, Mindanao Philippines 
When we think of India, we have to try to comprehend that it is a nation of over 1 Billion people, one nation with just under one seventh of the world's population and that makes it a great challenge for anyone. 

It has many religions too, Hindus make up 80.5%, Muslims 12.4%, Christian 4%, Sikh 1.3% others 1.8%, so the challenge there is the same as it is all over the world, having many different beliefs to deal with. 

Although India has many large, metropolitan and industrial cities today, most of the people of India still live in villages, actually 76% of the population do, and so that also presents challenges that we in the west do not have to deal with. 

It is also diverse in language, having 17 major Languages and a total of 1,652 languages in all to work with, and at least half of India's population still lives in poverty, and it is a poverty that we in the west do not see or appreciate.

The challenge for these people in India isn't just what is before them that they have to work with in life, it is the fact that most of them have never even heard the name of Jesus let alone been told the way of salvation. 

But there is great news as the Lord is hard at work fixing all of that. Through faithful men and women of India and with others who go there to preach the gospel they are leading millions to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.
Yesuratnam and his family are some of those that are making the difference in all of that. They are discipling new believers, continuously training leaders and are helping the poor and needy too. 

It is a full time job for all of them, but they have taken the great commission to heart by going into all the world to preach the gospel. They have started a church in London, England now, bringing the Name of Jesus there, winning the lost and raising disciples for the Lord. They have started one in the Ukraine too, and win them for Jesus there, and they will continue to go into all the world for Jesus to be a part of bringing in this end time harvest. 

Pastor Jonathan and Merle Lumba
Global Faith Church Ministry
Tribal Ministry
Orphans                                     Children's Ministry
Street Ministry

A big thank you to Craig
Street, Hospital and Church Ministry
Our Newest Ministry and Church in Porvenir, Chihuahua, Mexico
Lead by: 
Pastor Jesus Manuel Gonzalas Flores
The New church is now offically open and holding services
Dedication Service with Pastor Flores, his wife and Pastor Rubin Gomez.
A wonderful building for the Glory of God, for the preaching of the Gospel, for the building up of the Saints and for the saving of Souls.
           A church home for the people of Porvenir.
    Men, women and children praying and thanking the Lord. 
Music to worship with
Introductions and blessings
Congratulations people of Porvenir for your new church, your faith, for your commitment and we stand with you!
A Dedication Service for the Church, but also for some new believers as they are Baptised 
Pastor Jesus wife is Baptised
Praise the Lord for such blessings
Children are a part of the service too
Leading the children in Prayer, the mainstay of Christians.
Another young woman is Baptised
From house to house,  to street ministry, the gospel is going forward and the people, as well as children are being brought into the kingdom.
For a city in need