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Ellen's book "Thieves in the Kingdom" reveals much about our lives and our world, about what is wrong, and why and about what is to come. Much is coming and we dare not be ignorant of it. 

We cannot be so caught up in our daily lives that we do not prepare for the future. This is especially true living in the fast-paced generation and society we live in today. Even with world news constantly informing us and information at every fingertip, we still need to focus on the priorities of our lives. 

We need to see this world as it really is, to see ourselves as we really are as well as our place in the midst of it all. I know that can seem very challenging but we must persevere anyway. We must not ignore the most precious part of our lives as most people are prone to do because the riches, rewards, and outcome that we are supposed to get out of life are just too great, too important and way too much for us to miss out on. 

Fiction, fantasy, and imagination are sometimes very good and can make for great books and movies, but when the real deal is bolder, broader, and more revealing than any story someone can come up with, we ought to check it out and be willing to see it for what it really is.

So, come back to a time long ago when things were very different and when life was much less cluttered, see just how the actions of some have affected the lives of all and in that realize the life that we all need to live.
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Stephen Gjertson 
Maranatha!, 1987-2002 Oil on paper mounted to board, 40 x 67 
Collection of Galen and Connie Carlson
"Second Coming of Christ"
Hard Cover  $ 12.99
 Soft Cover    $   7.99
This is a testimony of  God's grace, provision and faithfulness to His people, and what I hope is that it will be an encouragement to people everywhere.

Ellen L. Burgoyne 
When I wrote "Thieves in the Kingdom," I knew there was only one picture for the cover of the book, Stephen Gjertson's Maranatha! We were blessed to have gone to church with Stephen and his family and so he graciously allowed me to use it. The book not only tells the story of what we need to know, but this picture wraps it all up with what is coming that everyone needs to pay attention to and get ready for. 
Ellen's Radio Interview with Authorhouse on Togo Radio
Forward by Ellen

A man once said: “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Sadly, most people in all societies do not learn from history and they continue to suffer the consequences of that mistake. It tends to be the nature of people to ignore the things in life that are the most important and to embrace instead the things that matter least. People so often put their faith and trust in those who cannot help them, and who do great harm to them instead, and they resist the ones who would protect them and give them the life they need.

If we are willing to look to the past and learn from it, and then take that to see ourselves in the times we are living, we will understand much of what is wrong and what we can do to fix it. The truth is that it is often the things that you cannot see that can hurt you the most, and I have written this book to expose and unveil the most important things we cannot afford to ignore.

This book is about the biggest heist attempt, the biggest takeover that was ever conceived and planned. It’s about the boldest decision to overthrow a ruler and take a throne that was ever imagined. And although conceived and thought out, even though planned and begun, it was never carried out. Yet, the actions that were taken still affect every moment of all of our lives to this very day. As you read, you will come to understand the results of that one act and of those that followed and just how much they have affected us all.                        

I desire that this book not only tell the story of what happened, and why, but that it show many of the ramifications of it all. Ignorance is terribly costly, and a lack of knowledge in certain areas can impact the whole of our lives and usually to the negative, but truth and facts not only educate us, they give us the tools we need to improve every part of our lives.
Hardcover $12.99
Softcover  $  7.99
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