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It was a very long time ago now that the Lord created the human family, a long time, and a great history of the problems it has faced since the fall of our first father and mother, Adam and Eve. 

The decisions they both made that day were of epic and cataclysmic proportions, literally, and it really did plunge everything into sin and death. It was monumental, and would stand from then as the way and standard of life for all who would live upon the earth.

What it brought with it was untold hardship, troubles and problems for everyone that followed, and not only to the human family, which of course was paramount, but to all that have life upon the earth, everything that the Lord had created in those six days, even to the earth itself. 

Having an understanding of that, can give us some of the help that we need in putting life, and especially our own lives into perspective, and that will help to guide us as we navigate through it all. 

We have to understand that life, this world, and everything in it, isn't what it was then, nor as it was intended to be. Too much people think, and even believe, that this is all there is, that this is the way it has always been and that it is all God's plan to be this way. No wonder so many people think He is bad and that he is mad at them.

The Lord had created a wonderful, perfect and unending life for all of us to live, and to live there forever in that condition, but it was all corrupted. The destruction that it brought not only brought us spiritual death, by separating us from the life of God, and physical death, in that our bodies now grow old and die, returning to the dust of the earth, but it brought us eternal death, taking away our right and ability to live forever in the state and joy that God had planned for us. Now we suffered eternal death separated from God, which meant we were separated from His eternal life as all of eternal life is in Him.

But God, aren't we glad there is a "but" to this great tragedy? But God in His great love and compassion on what He had created, and especially on the people that He had created, who had put in charge of it all, was filled with an unending mercy for us and brought the remedy. 

It was not a simple remedy either as it was not a simple problem, Remember, it was cataclysmic in its effect to the downfall and destruction. Everything was affected, and in the most un-repairable of ways, un-repairable for Adam and Eve or for anyone else either, except for God that is.  

The Lord had actually already fixed the solution to it into the plan of creation, knowing the possibility of it happening. And although He had done all that He could for them to succeed, all that He could in making sure they understood what they could not and must not do, He still followed through with the plan to rescue them and us. 

How marvelous a God He is, and how magnificent a Lord to do what He did, not only in building it right into the plan, but in the actual carrying out of it all. When we consider what that meant, what it took throughout history to even make it happen, when we have any kind of a real grasp on what that remedy was all about and what He had to do to accomplish it, going through personally what He did on behalf of us, the guilty, there are no other reasons, and no other words to explain it but that it was His amazing Magnificent Love. 

And so when we think of Him, of who He is in reference to us, we need to remember His love, His care and His desire for us to live in this world now according to His plan then. Not separated from Him or His love, but joined to Him once again by the sacrifice He gave to open up the way for us to His life, His Spirit, His love and His continuous help. 

He created Adam and then Eve to not only live according to His life, His plan, etc, but He also had a plan in mind for the human family, that would come forth from a man, and a woman, who would in a God ordained loving and totally committed relationship, bring forth the rest of the human society God had made it all for.

It's not hard to answer all the questions or beliefs about the many different opinions people have about how the human race is to function when you know just a few facts. 


Family Life As It Is Intended To Be