"Thieves in the Kingdom" Book 
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"Thieves in the Kingdom" Book 
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"Thieves in the Kingdom" reveals much about our lives and our world, about what is wrong and why, and about what is to come. Much is coming and we dare not be ignorant of it. We cannot be so caught up in our daily lives that we do not prepare for the future.

This is especially true living in the fast-paced generation and society we live in today. Even with world news constantly informing us and information at every fingertip, we still need to focus on the priorities of our lives. 

We need to see this world as it really is, and to see ourselves as we really are, as well as our place in the midst of it all. I know that can seem very challenging, but we must persevere anyway. We must not ignore the most precious part of our lives as most people are prone to do because the riches, the rewards, and the outcome we are supposed to get out of life are just too great, too important, and way too much for us to miss out on. 

"Thieves in the Kingdom" is a timeless book that speaks to the heart of life and also to what is to come for all of us, it is a book that comes at a time when the world needs to stop and think about what they are doing, about what they need to do and especially of what God is going to do.

So sit back, and come with me to a time long ago when things were very different, to a time when life was much less cluttered, and then, to the very moment that changed it all. Let’s see just how the actions of some affected the lives of all."
                                                                                                   Ellen L. Burgoyne
You are destined to reign with Christ if you belong to Him. This set of 7 CD's lays out your life In Him, and the role you have in reigning with Him now in this world, as well as during the Millennial Reign and in the world to come. A great series just delivered in Minnesota.

Learn who you are and what you have In Him. 

7 CD's    $ 30.00
7 DVD's  $ 40.00
These DVD's are the complete set of the "Destined to Reign" Meetings. The 7th Video is called "Ambassadors of the Kingdom" and concludes the series.  It is also a testimony message of Craig and Ellen's life before and after Christ.

I Corinthians 12:4-11 list and gives us insight to the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

These nine gifts are of the Holy Spirit, and He desires to work in and with each spirit filled member of the body of Christ, so that we can be used of Him to deliver the supernatural gifts God that He has for all people. You can and should yield to Him, learning to work with Him in bring forth these wonderful gifts. This teaching set speaks to those gifts and will help you embrace them in your life. 

2 CD's    $ 10.00
7 CD's   $ 35.00
2 CD's   $ 10.00
2 CD's  $ 10.00
  10 CD's  $ 40.00
1 CD      $ 5.00
The Standard of God, of His Word, and the Kingdom that is of Him, must be raised in each generation or the people fall from where they must be. It is this standard that Jesus set for us that we must live by and work with Him in and we must not fail. 
Jesus said, "I will build My church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it." 

We must look at, and to, the church model that He laid and built and work according to it. When we don't, we lack and suffer, we accomplish little and many people suffer and are lost because of it. This set of CD's teaches his model which has been in laid in scripture and when the model is worked great things happen.

"Raising the Standard" Audio Set
"The Church Jesus Built" Audio Set
"Five Fold Ministry Gifts" Audio Set
"The Motive Gifts of God" Audio Series
"Lost In The Dark" Audio CD
The ministry gifts Christ gave to the church to reach the world. Learn about these gifts, (offices), (ministries) who, what and how they function and the why of their importance. A 7 CD series you will enjoy.

The truth of people is that they are lost out in the dark without Jesus. They walk in the darkness of this lost world seeing only that which is cloaked in the darkness. The answer for them is simple; they must look to the light of the world and come out of the darkness.

It is also true, that God's people often walk a path in this dark world and become separated from the Lord, His light and protection. God and His love for them have been blocked from their being deceived by the devil and their sin. God's people must come out of the dark, out from the world and walk again in His glorious light and be safe.

Motive gifts are a very important and intrigal part of every person and how they work in our lives in of the upmost importance. Sadly they are not often taught and the people of God lack and suffer because of it. 
"Destined to Reign" Audio Series
"Destined to Reign" Video Series
"Nine Gifts of the Spirit" Audio Set
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