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Ellen L. Burgoyne
Man is the crown of God’s creation, made in His image, after His likeness, and is His own in a way that nothing else is. 

Gen 1:26 “Let us make man in our image, and in our likeness, and let them rule over!” 

Adam was a King, a sovereign, with delegated authority. He was to rule and reign over the earth, just as the King of Heaven does in heaven. 

Adam was Royalty, because he was a son of the King, the King of all Kings and that position made him royalty. 

He had a Royal Mandate, which was to rule and to reign over this kingdom that he had been given, and to do it with, like and for God. It was for the purpose of bringing forth many sons and daughters to God and for the tending of God’s creation on His behalf. 

He was to reproduce himself/themselves, by procreation. They would actually share in the divine work of creating human life and passing on the divine image. Gen 5:1-3 

He had absolute authority; the Lord had given it to him as an heir, and also so that he could do all that was needed. It was a mandate, and he had the responsibility to do it right and carry out God’s will. And, he was to teach and prepare his heirs to do same. 

Adam had authority over the garden, over all the animals and over all living things, and he had authority over intruders as well. He had absolute authority over the snake and over Satan too, he just didn’t use it. 

Knowing all that he knew, having all that he had been given, as well as all that was at his disposal, he failed to do the one thing that was necessary; and in that he abdicated his authority and lost the kingdom! 

It was, and still is such a big deal that there is no minimizing it, but there is the understanding of it all when you have enough of the facts, understand the circumstances and know the players involved. 

The Bible is filled to the full with the facts, with the points of truth that we need to know and there are endless lessons of how to live our lives in this world after the fact. There have been thousands of books and commentaries written about it all, and certainly many hundreds of millions of sermons preached about it, and yet it is never exhausted to explain the damage that was done, or to extol the remedy that was given. 

We who have received this wonderful new life that Christ has provided have the only insight available. We have sensitivity about it like no one else has, or can have, and we should have a healthy respect for the awesomeness of it all.

Yet, even though we are now in Christ, have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, having been born again of and by the Spirit and have been made a completely new person, we too often do not become the people we really are, and therefore do not accomplish what He has mandated and provided for us. 

Even though we know we have been completely set free from sin and its power, have been completely separated from that old life and its past, God having absolutely nothing against us, there is this constant battle Christians fight for the faith and confidence to embrace their position in Christ and live according to who that actually makes them. 

The fact that we have been once again brought to the place of being Adam in the garden of our lives, and in this world, it escapes us as we too often see ourselves as still fallen and not yet raised up above it all. Too many still see themselves as just saved sinners, rescued people and that's all. 

The fact is that Adam had two things that he needed to do and all would have been well. The truth is that Adam forgot about who he was, who he was as the son of God, as the ruler of the Kingdom and as lord over it all. He forgot about his authority that he had been given and his mandate to us it. 

We know all about the problems that his act of disobedience and rebellion brought, yet we today can still choose to look at the problems, see their overwhelming size and seeming power, and shrink back rather than to do what is necessary about them.

We have only four things that we need to do and we would be the people of God we are called to be. 

First:  We must embrace who we are as sons, as Adam. We are Adam's and that means God's women too in this reference. We need to allow ourselves to be what He says we are and believe it. He has called us His sons, the people of His Kingdom, He has called us His Ambassadors to this world, He has called us His ministers and we need to receive that and walk in it. He brought it forth to be, He said so, He meant it, and we need to believe Him and honor Him in it.

Second: We must receive and embrace fully the Mandate that He has given us. He has mandated every believer to be His sons, kings and ministers on the earth, to watch over the Kingdom, to do what He would do and as He would do it, and we need to respect and honor Him in what He has commanded us.

Third: We must take on and wear the mantle that He has given us. We have been given His authority in and for this world. He has placed His mantle upon us to do what He has commanded and we therefore have the right to be here, to do it all and to not apologize to anyone for it.

Fourth: We must do what Jesus commanded us to do. Jesus came and as the second Adam fixed the problems. He wasn't moved by them, not even a little bit, He just took care of what needed to be done. He fixed the biggest parts of it all which only He could do, and then in the process raised us up to do the rest. He has given us His authority, there is none higher, He has given us His name which is above all names, and at which every knee must bow in obedience and He has told us to use it.

His very name commands obedience, and we need to understand that and have faith in that. He has given us the Holy Spirit to be in us, and with us, to teach and remind us of all we need to know, and to work with us to accomplish everything that we need to do. 

We have in us the very person, nature and power of God, the very power of heaven. We have the Holy Spirit Himself to always be right there to do what is needed and necessary, and we have the life and example of Jesus who went before us and not only paved the way, but walks before us still cutting a clear path for us to follow.

When He had come to the disciples before He departed for good, He first rebuked them for their lack of faith. That seems harsh to many of God's people, that Jesus would rebuke His people. But we need to realize the seriousness and importance of it all. 

We need to understand that He had not only just done it all in reference to the sacrifice, but He had just spent 3 and a half years training the men and women to be His voice to the world, to be His hands extended, to do what He had not only taught them to do in preaching the gospel, the healing of the sick, raising the dead, etc, but had empowered them Himself to do it.  

They were His people, they knew who He was, (so do we), they had walked with Him and known what He could do, (so do we), they had done it themselves as they were sent out and were amazed at what they could do in His name, (we know that too), and then He commissioned them with the mandate to GO, and He has commissioned us as well. 

He said in Mark 16:15 - 18 “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” 

We have His power, His ability, and His authority, and we are to use it in this world to accomplish what He commanded us to. We are to use it to fulfill the call on each and every believer’s life. He stood up to the devil and didn't flinch as He knew who He was, and He knew who the devil wasn't. He cast out demons with the faith and power of the Holy Spirit, because He understood that He was in control and they weren't and they had to obey Him. He knew the power of His authority and we need to learn it too. He knew the power of His name and we need to know that too. He knew the power of the Holy Spirit and we need to embrace that too. 

When Jesus was here, He didn't just stand up to the devil and cast out demons, He also had, and took, authority over the natural realm, elements of life and the world. He prayed and feed 5,000 men, women and children. He healed the sick by His command, by laying His hands on some of them, sometimes He spoke and someone was healed many miles away. He raised the dead the same way, using His authority over death, over the elements of life that were causing the problem. He spoke to the raging winds and told the sea to be still and it obeyed Him and was instantly calm. He also used His authority in another way, He cursed a fig tree once and it died. 

When He says we are to exercise our faith to move mountains, He isn't kidding. We are to speak by the power of the Holy Spirit who is in us, with bold faith and confidence, knowing the authority and power of Him, of His name, as well as the mandate that He has given us and that will get the job done. 

But we have to believe it first and too much of the church has been, and continues to be taught against being true sons of God, against the true mandate of the church, against the power of the Holy Spirit living in His people, and against doing what Jesus did. They are taught directly or indirectly by leaders who do not walk correctly, who do not believe, and who block the very way to the fulfillment of the mandate.  

No matter what others believe, we are told time and time again by Jesus and His word, that we cannot live in doubt and unbelief. We cannot resist the truth that He has made real for us. We have the mandate, the mantle, the commission, but we do not see the miracles because we do not use them. 

We as the church are too often abdicating our kingship and the direct mandate we have been given, and are shirking our responsibility because we believe the lies that we can't, or that we really aren't suppose to, or because after all that was for then, for another time and that has now passed away. The truth is that we don't do what we need to because we are afraid, just like the disciples were. We live to comfort ourselves with words and sometimes excuses that tells us it is ok, that Jesus understands why we don't, and can't, and that He loves us so much that He doesn't mind. Really, do you really believe that?

Does He love us anyway? Certainly, of course He does. But do we really believe that the one who paid the unbelievable price that He did, just to give it all to us, and who stands by always ready, willing and able to help us fulfill it all, just really doesn't care if we do it or not. Do we really believe that our willful refusal to do what we are commanded, thereby blocking or hindering what so many countless people are in need of, is not really a big deal to Him? 

He saved us, filled us, raised us up in the heavenlies to be seated with Him, left us here with His Life within us, with His Name, with our new Position, our Mandate, Mantle and Commission, and with all the Authority and Power we will ever need to do it all, and do it well, and He expects us to at least try. And yet most of His people don’t, as they are either ignorant of who they are, of what they have been given to succeed with, or they just do not try or care. 

They try to live a peaceful and easy life that asks little of them, expects nothing of them, and therefore they accomplish little or nothing for Him or for the Kingdom. 

Adam chose not to do what he was commanded to, he chose to shirk his responsibility, he chose to go the easy route to get what he decided he wanted and what he felt was good enough, and we see what that got him and all the rest of us. He chose to reject the known will of God and it cost him dearly.  

We must choose to be the sons of God that He has raised us up to be. We must choose to stand up and embrace the Mandate, the Mantle and the Commission that we have, walking forward by faith and trusting that He will meet us every time. We must use what we have been given to live, and walk as the Kings and Ambassadors that He has sent forth. To go out into all the earth and accomplish the task of winning this world and setting the people free. 

It is such a privilege, such an honor, and it is not too much for Him to ask is it? We do owe it to Him, don't we?

Written by Ellen Burgoyne 10/19/2010

Revised by Ellen Burgoyne 02/06/2011

© Used by permission only!
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