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The truth about life is that most people don’t even know that they have an enemy. They live and walk in a fog, a delusion, and a self deception that all is fine and that they don’t have enemies to face. 

Even when some people realize that they do have an enemy, they deceive themselves into believing that there is nothing he will do to them, others maybe, but it won’t happen to them.

Then when people finally realize and accept that they do have an enemy, they don’t find out who he really is, what he is all about, or what to do about him, instead they continue to walk in a state of denial to the importance and urgency of the matter and continue in their delusion and self deception.

Once they finally accept their enemy and embrace the fact that he is real and that they are in danger, they worry, fret and assume many things, but do nothing about it because they do not know how to fight him. 

You have to not only know that you have an enemy, but you must know your enemy! You must not only choose to believe you have one and know that you are in danger, you must learn how to fight him and do something about it . 

You must learn how he works, what his motives are, how dedicated he is, his tactics, strategies, plans and purposes in the fight. 

The scriptures say that we are not to be ignorant of him or his devices, and yet that is the one thing that the church, (the people of God) are the most ignorant of. And, if we the church find ourselves in that position, choosing not to pay the price to know our enemy and all that he is about, not to know his plans, purposes and commitment to the destruction of our lives and the lives of our children, then why are we surprised at the condition of the world? 

The world is blinded to Satan; they so willingly listen to and serve him with or without understanding and they yield to his ways. They cannot, and also will not see him or the destruction he is causing them and so they just continue on as he systematically destroys their lives. 

But we, God’s people, who do know, who can see, and who are the only ones who can do something about it to protect ourselves and others, do almost nothing either. 

We too often live in the same self delusion, and the same deception believing that if we just ignore him, ignore the problems, and just concentrate on our own private lives by living them the best that we can to our own satisfaction, then all will be well. 

But all is not well, all is getting worse and worse by the second, and the world is racing toward destruction, and hell, faster and with more force than ever before. 

Satan and his evil are waxing worse and worse, and the children of the world and of the church are reaping the destruction of it all while we hear ourselves or our leaders continue to say “God is in control,” or, that as a believer, “Everything that happens to you is somehow in God’s plan or is His will.” 

It is true that God will protect us when we are living in His will, but we also have to walk in His protection and follow Him. We cannot go our own way, do our own things, or ignore the truth and warnings He has given us. We also cannot disregard and disobey the commands, mandates and truth about life, and our enemies that He has laid out for us and then expect Him to cover it all. We cannot open the doors of our lives and thereby remove so many of the protections He wants for us and then think that we will be automatically, supernaturally protected anyway. 

God has given us His instructions on how to live; He has given us His warnings, exposed our enemies, and expects us to do our part and pay the price in protecting our lives and the lives of others by heeding them. 

The children of the world and even of the church are being ravaged and destroyed by the hundreds of millions all over the world because we do not know (have a clear working knowledge and understanding) of the devil, the other fallen angels now known as demons, and those who foolishly or willingly listen to and work with them. 

If you do not know your enemy, you do not know how to protect yourself or fight him. If you are not willing to fight, you will eventually be hurt by him, as his whole life is given to destroying yours in some way. It is all he lives for, all he thinks about and everything he is driven by. 

He gives his whole being to it and we tend to give nothing of ourselves to the battle. It is too unpleasant we feel, to hard we say, to problematic, and so we leave it to someone else, but the fact is that no one else is there. 

We have been given the responsibility, the right, the authority, the weapons, the tools and the instructions, and we have the capabilities and blessing of the Lord to stand with Him and fight the battle, but we have to take it on and do what it takes. 

Our world is in total chaos, and I do mean a total chaotic state. Since the fall, this world has never been in as dangerous a position as it is now. 

Jesus said that the thief comes only to steal, to kill, and to destroy. It is everything he is after and everything he will do to get it. (John 10:10)

Look up the scriptures of war and warfare and of our enemy. What does the Old Testament have to say about fighting our enemies? What did Jesus say about our most potent enemy Satan and the others?

Look at the major warriors in the Bible. Who were they, how did they fight, how did they do battle and how did they win. What wise things are there for us to learn? 

We are in a war, we are at war and most people don’t even know it. They deny it or refuse to accept it. They turn away from it or leave it to someone else to deal with. 

Learn from the Lord, and His word, about your enemy and the warfare he is waging. Unveil and expose the enemy and you will have the best opportunity to defeat him. 

I John 3:8 says, “The reason the Son of God came was to destroy the works of the devil.” Jesus came not only to destroy what Satan had caused in the fall, but to destroy the ongoing, everyday works he was doing in the lives of the people.

Jesus came out of the wilderness after being tempted by the devil in full power, and with full authority and He cast out demons. It was the very first thing He did as stated in Mk 1:21-27 and Luke 4:31-36, (NKJV) and, then He told His disciples to do likewise, Matt 10:1; 10-7-8, (NKJV). And He and they did it all the time after that and did not apologize or shrink back from it. 

We must all know the enemy, (our) enemy, and those who work with and for him, both demons and people alike. There is much to know. The church of that time not only believed in them, but they moved in faith, power and commitment in dealing with them. We can, and must do the same, as we are called, commissioned and have been fully equipped for it. 

*Statement of point for waging war:

Know who your enemy is, and his devices, and you can stop him every time. Know your authority, weapons and the commission you have been given and you will defeat and destroy him every time. * II Corinthians 2:11

*Statement of point for Casting out of demons: 

The less the church says about demons, and the less we expose them, the more control they have over humanity and over the church. It is only when we pull back the veil, expose them for who they are, and what power they hold, that we can stop them and set people free! 

Written by - Ellen L. Burgoyne 12/23/2009

Edited revision by - Ellen L. Burgoyne 4/15/2010

© Used by permission only!
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